Chicot the Hippo

Wish You Had Beer


In September of 1975 Chicot released his classic album “Wish You Had Beer”. This masterpiece of prog rock was based on and dedicated to his close friend and former band member Stan Barmcake, who one day in the middle of a recording session unexpectedly nipped out to the off-license for some beer and never came back. Unbeknownst to Chicot and the rest of the band at the time, Stan’s drinking problem had become so bad that he was functioning in a permanent state of intoxication. Although the local off-license was just across the road from the recording studio Stan got lost on the way. In his drunken wandering he crossed into the next street and entered a house of an elderly lady who had left her door open. Mistaking him for the gas meter reader she made him a pot of tea and offered him some eccles cakes. Stan really liked eccles cakes and so decided to stay. He was never to return to the band, and the mysterious circumstances of his departure (which did not become public until several years later) became part of the bands legend.