Chicot the Hippo

With his album Neverwhined, Chicot helped to create and popularize the grunge rock genre, which up until than had been festering pretty much unnoticed in one small damp spot on the music map without gaining much attention beyond just a handful of college students all suffering from very poor sensory capabilities which resulted in them perceiving the world through a muted haze of fog and fluff.* (*It must be noted that in only a very cases were these afflictions not brought on by some external chemical related cause).



Scientific experimentation has proven that this type of music provokes an intense involuntary reaction in mothers of teenagers. All mums have a congenital sound volume reflex which causes them to be programmed to yell at kids to constantly “Turn that music down!” whenever the volume increases by greater than just a tad. Many kids in turn found this music to be incredibly satisfying, as they could (truthfully) reply, “huh, what, huh, what?  ...I haven’t touched it!” and then return to their near vegetative state of rest.

The album was released on September 24, 1991, which as it turned out was a very quiet day in the history of music – at least until just after lunch time.

Chicot sought to make music outside the restrictive confines of the current scene, and looked back to draw his influence from the earlier “mound of sound” techniques, and the use of song volume dynamics (turning the volume up and down for quiet, loud, quiet, loud ).