Chicot the Hippo

The video for "If I Could Turn up on Time" takes place on board the battleship USS Misirlou, where Chicot sings to a large group of sailors. This video was filmed on July 1, 1989 while the ship was stationed at the former Long Beach Naval Shipyard at Pier D along with the crew. In the music video, the band plays on the foredeck, and the whole vessel is rigged with spotlights, light racks and strobes. The crew is on the deck, waving with the rhythm.

Chicot's outfit for the original video (a fishnet body stocking under a very revealing black one-piece bathing suit) caused some controversy, and many television networks refused to show the video. In 1989 the MTV network banned the video and later played it only after 3 a.m. Chicot is said to have commented while on set that originally when he agreed to wear the outfit, the sailors were not expected to be present. A heavily edited "censored" video was made, which included some new added scenes of trains going through tunnels, tall buildings being demolished, and surf crashing on rocks, while showing considerably less shots of Chicot bending over to pick up his microphone than in the original version.


Chicot: Single

If I could turn up on time   - 1989