Chicot the Hippo

Hippopotamus’s (no, I’m not sure what the plural is) are big, big mammals. They come in third place in the largest/heaviest land animal score board (behind Elephants and Rhinos – but who ever heard of them becoming world famous musical super stars). Hippos have a huge barrel shaped belly, little stubby legs, and an enormous mouth and teeth. They spend most of their time wallowing in the mud or water, to keep cool and to literally take the weight off their legs (with the grown males weighing around three or four tons, who could blame them). They mostly eat plants – but the “mostly” must be emphasized here, as you really wouldn’t want to find yourself being the exception that proves the rule.

Chicot is known to be very fond of Eccles Cakes, Pizza, Meatloaf, Fish and Chips, Steak Pie...well actually almost anything (although he hates Broccoli).