Chicot the Hippo

By the early 1950’s music was in a pretty dull shape, but a few young guys with attitude, swagger, and a electric guitar (quite possibly the greatest musical invention since those rocks and sticks) took the foundations of the Blues, added a beat and a lick, and created a new type of music, and it was called Rock n’ Roll.

The mums and dads who listened to Pat Boone were not ready for it, and in some areas it was called “the devils music” (which at one time or another, just about every music genre has been labeled as such by someone – and it would be another 20 years before anyone had heard of Disco).


Way back since the earliest cavemen first learned to bang a rock with a stick to create the world’s first drum kit, there has always been a beat. Throughout history music styles and tastes have changed and evolved, and at one time the top 10 hit parade comprised a bunch of Gregorian chants, traveling minstrel’s ballads, or Classical orchestral symphonies (although they weren’t called “Classical” at the time – they were just …symphonies). But although Mozart and Beethoven may have been pretty big stars in their day, they hardly rocked (at least not until ELO got hold of them).